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Carrollton City Council Corner
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Carrollton City Council Corner


An issue involving our solid waste contract has come up recently and we would like to clarify some misperceptions here. The contract to collect household waste is between Carroll County and Rural Trash Service (RTS). It was negotiated by the Carroll County Solid Waste Committee seeking the best rate for all of the citizens. The committee consists of the mayors of each town in the county. Each mayor has one vote on the committee except the mayor of Carrollton who has two. In that way every community is recognized and the greater population of Carrollton is acknowledged. The household charge is $9.50/month, collected every month as part of the utility bill that goes to each house. The money is forwarded to City Hall and the city takes 5% (around $600 usually) and pays the rest to RTS. This is not a significant revenue source for the city. We have conferred with the owner of RTS who shared his concerns. RTS had been collecting everything even material that was not supposed to be included as household trash. However, more citizens included materials that were not household waste but more construction or remodeling waste. That is not material allowed by the contract. Since RTS pays tipping fees based on weight and construction material weighs more than household weight, this is an unfair disadvantage to their business. When the current contract expires in 2018, the county waste board will look at an exclusive contract that would prevent any misunderstandings we have had. Until then we ask that all residents put only household waste out for pickup. If you have extra debris, especially heavy materials such as sheet rock, wood, or other construction material, please call RTS (660-784-2474) to arrange an extra pickup at a reasonable rate.


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