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Community Awareness Information: Trash Pick-up
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Reminder to all Carrollton citizens about trash pick-up services.
Per Section 1 of the Carroll County Solid Waste Agency Contract between the Town of Carrollton and Rural Trash Services (RTS), RTS "shall have the right to collect, remove and dispose of all residential solid waste..."

Per Section 6 of the above mentioned contract, "If either Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Day falls on or before the regular collection day of the residents, the solid waste collection will run one (1) day later that week."

Per section 7 of  the above mentioned contract, "Each dwelling unit will be allowed one (1) bulk item to be discarded weekly." RTS "shall collect all residential solid waste, which is placed at the curbside or roadside of the dwelling unit..." "Dwelling units must have waste put out for collection at their pick up point by 6am on their specified collection day." "Construction materials will not be constituted as residential solid waste..."

RTS has requested no more than eight (8) to ten (10) bags of residential solid waste (equivalent to two (2) cans plus three (3) bags) to be picked up per collection day. If you need to dispose of construction materials or extra bulk items, you must contact RTS directly. You can reach them at (660) 784-2474.


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